7th International Deaf Bowls Championship

bowlinginternational_logo28th August – 9th September 2015

Northern Ireland was very proud to host the 7th staging of the International Deaf Bowls Championships which was an overall success.

The 7th International Deaf Bowls Championship was held at Belmont Bowling Club. Founded in 1877, for the furtherance of the ancient game of Bowls and Social Intercourse, Belmont is a very active bowling and social club and is open to men and women of all ages. During the summer season there are two international standard outdoor greens which are carefully maintained. Indeed the greens are regularly used for I.B.A. and P.G.L. championships. Home International events have also been held at Belmont and the organisers and players have enjoyed their experience on the greens and the hospitality they received throughout the tournament.